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Downloading Declaimer:

This custom content is not owned by EA/MAXIS OR IT’S SIMS 4 LICENSOR(S), Noir the games stuff, pack, or expansions packs, it fully custom created content for the Sims 4 that I have created on my own free time, something my not be prefect and many need patch or update on a regular bases. By download this UNOFFICIAL CUSTOM GAME PACK, you understand that this mod may or may not conflict with other creators custom content and are willing to take the risk and can not whole me legally liable for any errors you may encounter. I’m not the games developer and I do my best to make it not conflict or prevent gamers for receive errors but stuff does happen.

Privacy Releases Date: Nov 15 2018

I’m pleased to release of my “Hot N’ Wet Club Pack” a custom adult nightclub/restaurant for your Sims to enjoy a night out on the town without children, the club functions like restaurant so you will have chefs/cook, hosts, wait for staff and does include a bar, If you have all Expansion, Stuff, and Game packs you will have much more options for you game-play.

For the best game-play, I would suggest also visiting LittleMsSam, Zerdu, Nor, WickedWhims, and LoversLab for other content that was used in the building of the lot. In-additional content but is NOT required; keep in mind that some websites are rated 18+ so you must be of age to access some of the extra features.

Lot Version:

†The Premium Versions of the lot are only for donors and will redirect you to Patreon for downloading.

Downloading info:

This download is virus-free and has no additional mesh and does require additional custom content to function probably. but should all you to use stock content form the game, unzip and place them in your Sims 4 "MOD" folder that is it.

Special Notice:

Please keep in mind that you need only one package. I have all The Sims 4; Expansions, Game, and Stuff packs installed, right up to the latest Island living (aka Sulani),


This does require the use of my own personal CC (included) for it to function correctly! but they're not required to make them work and they DO NOT conflict with any other mod(s) etc., and shouldn’t require to be updated due to the game; patches, packages, expansion, etc.

Footer Notes:

If you need support or have any question(s) feel free to visit my about me to retrieve my contact information. Be advised; I'll get back to you ASAP (As So As Possible).

I hope you enjoy and happy Simming.

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