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Latest Announcements: GRAND OPENING!!

This page is for website advertisers and/or fellow gamer websites, that will allow them access to locations on my site for them to get their websites or promotions out there, via my websites highlighted areas, (“your ads here”) throughout the site that I have currently available as I will have more in the coming future.

All forms of advertisements or promotions† must be submitted by visiting, this page HERE! with the links to any promotion or the said websites as a whole.

Website adware NON-ALLOWED content:

†All websites must be submitted by Admin(s), IT or Marketers (if a business is inquiring).

Community-Based Weblinks:

“I do think about other creators like myself”

I know some games have a major gaming community, if you are a fellow community gamer site for creator(s) or downloads, like myself them all I ask is help make my site grow as well by ADDING ONE OF MY AD(S)† THAT LINK YOUR SITE REGULATORS, ALONG WITH YOUR VISITOR TO MY WEBSITE, and a link to your site with you site ad and its weblink to your website.

Advertisements placement:

Details and Rotations:

All Ads, promotions do get rotated on a regular ether manual or throw my websites ad applicator making these ads rotate in and around 20-40 sec's on average, therefore giving your ads some time for be visual viewable and click-able. Keeping mind that these ads will open a new tab keeping my page open unless otherwise authorized by myself or by requested persons that ask me for that feature and I accept them to have that feature other them that all are placed in the pool of ads for rotation.

  1. Promotion ads: 160 x 600/120 x 600 pix

All promo ads will be placed in locations that will be viewable on a regular basis or wide skyscraper ads, will be on each side of the web pages placement for a higher form of traffic for the advertiser of the ad (s) to help them with the goal or what they are looking in placing an ad on an others website.

  1. Billboard ads: 900 x 250 pix

All billboards are for promo for fellow creators like myself to help get there work out there for others to enjoy I will out dates this on regular when I find one or unless they request me to help them get their work promoted. These individuals can use the same method as any of my advertisers, via email. This is very important for ones submitting such a request. YOU MOST BE THE CREATOR, as I must be in commutation with the one requesting it so I can inform them what it becomes active on the site.

†My Adware/Promo Details:

If you made this fare. Them thanks for reading the rules and any information you need to request a location, for me to help me place your ads as well. As some will not get this far… The next section will contain my ads and the links via HTML 5 codes or a basic link that you can link easily once you find a genial location or area to host my banner(s).

NOTE: If you wish NOT to use the Html 5 Proved below you may just download the banner ads image(s) and add the link manual to my site at:

If you have any questions or wish to get in touch with me for some reason then you need to visit my “HERE”  for any additional assisted

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