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Getting to know me a bit:

I've been creating lots of content for multiple different types of games for years! It's one of my many pastime hobbies. (but not my main job!) as I'm actually a graphics designer, animator, and programmer.

My Past:

So let me give you some background on who am I, I once a few years ago was a co-found for a Sims 2 mod forum with over 30.000+ members at one time before it was closed due to server fees become too high to handle for me and my partner to cover as we fall into tough times with a large family to care the weight of the cost.

Now a Days Personally:

Times have not been too bad and keeping my website small makes it much easier for my love for creating, building, animating or modifying any game content or software but it all takes time and patience but I do love to create.

My Goal:

Creating downloadable content for games or programs for others; I do truly enjoy doing as it helps by keeping me sane and escape me from the real world for a bit. So I’ll continue to do my best for all forms of gamers so they can enjoy the time that much better when it comes to gaming.


I’m not a machine and I do have a family, life with many children and I do my best work when I’m level-headed and have time, so I will not put a time limit on anything I do and I don’t want to be hounded if I’m taking too long.

Thank you for read and hoping you all enjoy the creations?

Contact or Follow Me:

If you have any questions email me: BAS@MrBASims.Website

If you wish another way to get in-touch with me (for some reason) you can also use any of the options available via Online: @Patreon, @Twitter, @Facebook, or by visiting my profile accounts on any Community Sims Site of some major website at Mod the Sims, Love Labs, Sims 4 Tray Importer, The Sims Community, and Sims 4 Gallery (EA/Sims).


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